"Helping people achieve their infinite potential"



I’m Jo Knorr of Potentia Learning and Development. Potentia is from the Latin  for “potential” and perfectly represents the role that Potentia plays in working with people and organisations to help them achieve their full potential and sustainable business results.

I have worked in partnership with a wide range of organisations in manufacturing, finance, insurance, recruitment and government over the past 25 years as a program designer, facilitator and executive coach. I specialise in leadership development, communicating to connect and peak performance.”

Potentia Services


  • Enable leaders to define their purpose and lead with purpose which research consistently shows may be the most powerful influencer of our behaviours, attitudes and motivations. Our industry leading philanthropic workshop activities provide a direct and memorable experience of the impact of purpose on individual, team and organisational success. In addition to equipping leaders with practical strategies and tools, the items created in our workshops make an immediate and lasting contribution to people and communities in need throughout the world.
  • Demystify the neuroscience of leadership and provide simple, evidence-based and powerful techniques to increase brain mastery and reduce stress.
  • Develop powerful communication skills in the emerging field of Conversational Intelligence for greater connection, understanding and influence.