Depending on the specific needs of each client, Jo brings together a team from her partner network who are experts in their field.

Jennifer Beard

Jennifer has extensive experience working across private and public sectors to lift leadership capability and embed optimal behaviours. Her work with boards, senior executives and at a team level has helped drive high-performance and deliver tangible results. Leaders are challenged to step outside their comfort zone, shift mindsets and lift behaviour in order to deliver strategic value for organisations. Jennifer’s 20 years of professional experience in enhancing individual and corporate performance for individuals and teams has resulted in Leadership development and Executive coaching as her key strengths and passion.

Her warm and intuitive approach facilitates a positive environment for honest discussion, while her ability to hold individuals and teams to account gets to the heart of issues and challenges to effective leadership. She holds a degree in Behavioural Science (B App Sc OT University Sydney) and a post graduate diploma in human factors at work. (Grad Dip Safety Sc UNSW). She is also an Accredited Practitioner in the MBTI, MRG Leadership Effectiveness Analysis and Human Synergistic LSI/GSI 360 degree feedback tools.

Suzanne Bourke

Suzanne’s personal “WHY” is to develop optimistic, ‘can do’, passionate and authentic leaders who create an energised and positive culture of sustainable success, where engaged people & teams are enjoying being challenged, innovating and improving the future and achieving exceptional results.

She enjoys partnering with clients to travel the high performance road where authenticity and courage are the hallmarks of success. Her expertise in the neuroscience leadership field has supported her clients innovate their approach for improved success in areas such as leadership capability, cross functional team collaboration, engagement, change management and strategic planning .

With more than 30 years experience across strategic, executive and operational management, and as joint Managing Director of Work Solutions Group (winner of a national Telstra and Australian Government Business Award), she has achieved significant commercial success, with proven business acumen.

As a LIFETIME accredited practitioner in Human Synergystics, Kolbe, DiSC, EQi 2 & 360, C-IQ (Conversational Intelligence), and with a Diploma Neuroscience Leadership, she will use the tools that will best deliver effective and efficient client transformation.  Specialities:  Executive Leadership Team Coaching/Facilitation; Culture Transformation; Neuroscience Leadership; Conversational Intelligence, Emerging Leader Development; High Performance Team Development; Change Management; Strategic Planning; Emotional Intelligence; Project Team Launch and Alignment ,and Presentation and Communication Skills Training.

Annie Stewart

Annie is regarded as a committed and experienced corporate coach and career management specialist.  She is also an author, professional speaker and trainer.

During the first phase of her 28 year career, Annie built a reputation for leading successful businesses. In her role as an executive manager for a national HR consulting company she was acknowledged for her strong leadership skills and her ability to provide a high quality service to clients, develop leaders amongst her team, deliver excellent returns on investment and facilitate growth of the company over a five year period. She repeated a similar track record with two other businesses.

Over the past 13 years she has coached hundreds of executIves and high potentials from organisations such as Deloitte, MLC, APRA, Qantas, Commonwealth Bank,  Lend Lease, IAG , Optus and several not for profit groups.

Clients describe Annie’s approach as rigorous and outcomes based, yet encouraging and empathic. Her style, combined with a genuine interest in people, facilitates her clients’ professional and personal growth – empowering them to live closer to their own potential, with passion, creativity and courage.

Annie holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (University of Sydney), a Masters Degree in Ergonomics (UNSW) and a PhD awarded in 2007 from the American Pacific University. Her PhD studies researched how leaders found, follow and sustain their purpose or calling. An outcome of her research has been the development of The Callings Program.

She is also accredited to administer the Human Synergistic’s LSI 360, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), US National Values Centre Profile and the prestigious Leadership Effectiveness Analysis.  Annie is also a Master Practitioner in NLP.

Elizabeth Born

I believe everyone is inspiring.  I am an enthusiast and a lover of life which allows me to engage with people of all ages and walks of life. From this place of connection I am able to support individuals and organisations to move outside their comfort zone and truly inspire themselves and those with whom they come in contact.

One of my passions is to design leading-edge team processes and be able to think on my feet to go exactly where the group or individual needs to go for maximum growth and benefit. I am passionate about working with executives to mentor and inspire their organisation and management teams.

I hold a Masters in Education in addition to undergraduate qualifications in education and training and have  worked across both the public and private sectors in a range of industries such as education, financial services, mining, construction, IT and telecommunications.

Peter Crockett

Peter is passionate about helping people live their best lives – whether that is transforming leaders to inspire themselves and their team or working with organisations to embrace and embed change that will create extraordinary results within individuals and organisations alike.

His ability to work with and relate to diverse groups and individuals enables him to develop relationships of trust and connection. From that place extraordinary things happen. Peter has worked across both the public and private sectors in a range of industries that includes education, financial services, mining, aviation, construction, IT and telecommunications demonstrating his flexibility and adaptability. He holds a Masters in Business Administration as well as undergraduate qualifications in Applied Science and Education.

Dr Sally Rundle

Dr Sal’ is a spirited speaker, educator, healer and intuitive coach known for her sensitivity, second sight and skill for inspiring leaders to connect more with their heart, mind and spirit in business. She has worked internationally for twenty-five years and is the co-author of three books on leadership, values and energy and the author of a new book, ‘More Energy, More You! Strategies for Living a Spirited Life.’

She brings cutting edge knowledge of leadership, intuition, energy and contemporary wellbeing. She is an intuitive facilitator who can quickly connect with individuals and groups to assist them to make real and positive change. Her passion is educating and inspiring people to connect to their natural gifts, talents and strengths to empower and transform their lives and organisations.

Dr Sal has great curiosity for the latest developments in mindfulness, energy medicine, energy psychology, healing, relationship dynamics and metaphysics. She has a post doctoral certificate in Energy Medicine, PhD in International Management and BSc, Major Psychology. She is a facilitator with the HeartMath Institute USA, a world leader in scientific tools to help people bridge the connection between their hearts and minds.  Together with her training in Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Reiki and Dream analysis, Sally is able to resource people intellectually, emotionally and energetically.

She cares deeply about people living a ‘spirited’ life where their energy is humming and they feel more expansive, optimistic and creative in how they show up in the world to live into their promise.

Matthew Wright

Matthew has over 18 years of professional experience in enhancing the performance of individual and organisational performance. He is passionate about creating spaces where people transform. He has strong facilitation and coaching skills which enable individuals, teams and organisations to realise their potential. Matthew’s balanced approach facilitates a collaborative environment for open discussion, while his ability to hold individuals and teams to account gets results and sets benchmarks to maximize return on investment for his clients. Where possible he uses action learning and experiential activities to foster an environment of feedback that engenders behavioural change – not just theoretical knowledge.

Matthew has extensive experience working across private and public sectors to lift results through raised self-awareness and changed behaviours. He has worked with senior executives, at a team level and with hundreds of individuals to drive performance and deliver his clients’ desired outcomes. Matthew has coached individuals and teams to become high-performing and helped leaders to build employee capability and engagement. He has coached many existing and emerging leaders and guided teams to value and harness their diversity and creativity.

Matthew understands the importance of balance and diversity in a career. His own business experience includes project engineering and project management for Lend Lease and Kone Lifts coupled with 12 years of experience in small business. In addition, Matthew worked for 14 years as a teacher, leader and board member at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School. He ran the school’s Outdoor Education Program from 2007 to 2012. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Sydney) and a Graduate Diploma in Education (University of Technology, Sydney). He is also an Accredited Practitioner in Productivity Ninja, TMP (Team Management Systems), HBDI (Herrmann International) and the LSI/GSI 360-degree feedback tools (Human Synergistics).