The ‘I’m not good enough’ syndrome

Patrick* was heading up a major manufacturing division within the business. He had got to this role because of his strong leadership skills, extensive qualifications, his business acumen, his great people management skills, hard work and dedication. Even though Patrick had achieved all of this, he still didn’t feel that he was enough. He lacked self-confidence. No matter how successful he was or how well the business was performing, he still felt like an imposter in his role and that sooner or later “they” would find out. He was his own worst critic.

Case Studies 'I'm not good enough' syndrome

The Results

There are people out there just like Patrick whose limiting beliefs are creating roadblocks to their career success and enjoyment of life.  Jo has worked with many people to help them break through their roadblocks and learn new strategies to achieve peak performance and reduce their stress.

Coaching people around their limiting beliefs

Using a range of tools and techniques grounded in neuroscience, energy psychology and peak performance, she helps them to find new ways of achieving that success in ways that are congruent with their values and empowering beyond their expectations.

*Actual names have not be used