The power of feedback

David* had been working in his field for almost 15 years and was a leading a technical team. Having started with the company in a junior operational role, he had worked hard to get to where he was. He had studied part-time at night and on weekends to further his qualifications while juggling the demands of a very busy job and a young family.

When Jo met him he seemed stuck and unsure of why he wasn’t having the influence he wanted to have with his team and his peers. Within a very short time of working with him it became evident to her that he literally was not being ‘heard’. His speaking and communication style and habits were seriously limiting his influence to the point where people would often “switch off” when he spoke. This was not only seriously limiting for him but also for the business. He had such great ideas and such a wealth of experience and this was being lost because he couldn’t get people to “tune in” to him.

Case Studies The Power of Feedback

The Results

While it may seem hard to believe, in all that time he had no awareness of his limiting communication style, nor had anyone ever given him any feedback about it. Jo worked with David around developing more empowering and influential speaking and communication strategies which he was able to implement immediately to great effect.

It’s hard not to wonder how much more influence he could have had all that time ago if only he had received the feedback. This is not the first time Jo has worked with people well down the track in their careers who have never received that vital piece of feedback given in an empowering way that could have made such a huge difference.

Empowering and influential speaking and communication strategies

These stories drive her in her mission to teach as many people as she can  the most powerful and empowering strategies for giving people feedback. The right feedback given in the right way at the right time can literally change the course of someone’s life. And given the extensive research proving the importance of feedback in driving business success, it’s a critical skill for every leader and business.

*Actual names have not be used