The Graduates seize the day

Jo recently worked with a group of Graduates working with a financial services company. They were an incredibly talented, intelligent and highly motivated group of young people who, in six weeks’ time, were going to make a major presentation to their CEO and senior leadership team on the results of the 12 month project they had been working on. What an opportunity! Jo coached them on success strategies for the content and delivery of their message to ensure that they would wow their audience and gain maximum recognition within the organisation that would reflect well on both their personal brand and the extensive effort they had put into their project.

Case studies Graduates seize the day

The Results

After applying their learnings and employing new strategies to maintain an empowered personal state, on presentation day, not only did they wow their audience, but they also got amazing feedback on the quality, content and professionalism of their presentations.

Employing new strategies and honing their presentation skills

On top of that, they had set a new benchmark for project presentations in the organization. They definitely were able to seize such an important and visible opportunity at such an early and critical juncture in their career showing just what they are capable of.