The fear of presenting

Margaret* had an extreme fear of public speaking. Imagine her horror upon hearing these words. “In less than 24 hours you are going to be making a presentation to the CEO of a multi-national billion dollar company.”

What an incredible opportunity this was for Margaret as a potential future leader in the business to present what she and her team saw as key initiatives that would take the company forward. What a nightmare given her fear! She felt physically sick at the thought and could not imagine how she would possibly be able to stand up and do it.

Case Studie The Fear of Presenting

The Results

Jo coached Margaret to ensure that not only would Margaret be able to comfortably stand up in front of the audience and present, but could also experience the success she so deserved.

 Using a range of cutting edge techniques 
Well Margaret delivered that presentation like a pro and got such great feedback from the CEO and her team that she couldn’t wait to get back to work and do more presentations. And she did – with great results.

Jo is passionate about helping people to learn the success strategies that powerful communicators use and to let go of the often unconscious habits that are holding them back. She has seen so many people with great ideas who fail to have influence because they don’t use the fundamental skills of powerful communication and the simple yet profound strategies that they could employ to tap into the motivations of their audience.

 *Actual names have not be used