Case Studies

The organisation-wide transformational leadership development program

This project required a tailored and integrated leadership development program to be delivered to the CEO and Executive Committee through to the frontline leaders of a major multi-national manufacturing company. It involved cultural change, a focus on connecting the leaders …

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The ‘I’m not good enough’ syndrome

Patrick* was heading up a major manufacturing division within the business. He had got to this role because of his strong leadership skills, extensive qualifications, his business acumen, his great people management skills, hard work and dedication. Even though Patrick had achieved all of this, he still didn’t feel that he was enough. He lacked self-confidence.

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The fear of change

This large group of learners were coming along to a training program that they were required to attend as part of their role. The corporation was introducing a major new initiative across its operations to give it a significant new income stream and vital advantage in a highly competitive market.

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